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What is paper quilling about?

Paper Quilling is the art of using strips of colourful paper to make accessories, greeting cards, et al. Strips of varying thickness are available to make them. They can be rolled up(one of the basic methods) and made into earrings. The earrings can be made even more attractive by sticking rhinestones, half pearl beads et al., on them.

Nothing can be more satisfying for a woman who can make her own accessories, right? The designs depend on your creativity! There is never a particular list of designs. The more creative you are, the more creative accessories you come up with! Head to the nearby stationary store and buy a quilling strip pack, a strong rubber based adhesive, a slotted quilling tool, some ear loops and hooks. Add some creativity, work on them and voilà, you’ll have a perfect pair of earrings that matches your favourite lehenga. So go ahead and have some creative fun!