Green County

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Buildings and flats can be created easily. But unlike cement,steel and water,’trust’,’expertise’,and ‘experience’ is not something you buy in the market. It comes only when you hold human trustas firm as steel. When you are as determined as concrete, not to make your creations as instruments to mere profits. We promise to deliver you Quality Construction, Timely Possession and Transparent Dealing. We not only create houses we create homes which will truly upgrade your lifestyle. Having a 30 year background in the construction line the founder soft his group have built various townships in various parts of India. Their quality work has made them a name to reck on within these areas. The individuals who form the backbone of the group have spent years establishing themselves in the construction industry and have now become a name that is considered royalty in this field. The Group has maintained an impeccable record of timely possession, quality work and creating long-lasting homes for the past 30 years.

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