New Tarun Sanhga Kali Puja-2018


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Exclusive Interview of club members about their club and kali puja- uncut

New Tarun Sangha Opening Ceremony 2018 : 

নিউ তরুন সংঘ পূজা সময়সূচি – 2018

2018 marks the 68th year of our Sri Sri Kali Puja….2018
Like every year this year is no different in the approach..
On 4th the opening ceremony along with a cultural program.
On 6th the  (ধার্মিক) pious puja will be taking place
On 8th marks the (ভোগ বিতরণ ) bhog distribution on the name of our Maa Kali …..    মায়ের ভোগ

Every one requested to b present n make this Diwali  a special one…

See u in the Pandal…
With Regards,
New Tarun Sangha

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