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India/Bharath/Aryabarta, unmatch astrology,Occultscience, spirituality,
meditation,ayurveda. We are here to represents the ancient history of India.

India a country of spirituality. Ancient India or Bharathbarsha or aryabarta used to show the ways to the world how to live, with perfect time calculations. With the chanting mantras they can make their believes. Indian forgotten past awaits to reveal, we will present you the Past, Present and Future with the help of worlds best “Astrology”;”Spirituality”;”Mantra-Tantra”;”Meditation”;”Ayurveda” and Ancient India’s ways to live a better life. We are ariyaans or aryas.

Sri Aritra Bhattacharyya
Sri Aritra Bhattacharyya


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A long back Indian vedic experience that have no counts we are just


Vedic Astrology, Spirituality


Many long years we have consulting people with their problems and provide them a path of peace.






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